Green Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability starts in our offices, maintaining a constant responsibility as a profession towards the environment. A variety of permanent initiatives have been made in the office to assure we uphold the mission we aspire toward. A top conventional practice of the profession is paper consumption; as a result, DAR has taken the major stride to perform all correspondence and submissions digitally unless physical form is absolutely required. In addition to paper recycling becoming a permanent practice, atmospheric changes to the office have been made to include LED lighting, as well as Smart Environmental Control Switches for our A/C systems.


Aside from DAR’s initiative towards minimizing physical impact, the firm assures the team be well-equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to design sustainably, with many of the staff members holding a variety of LEED Certifications. The Dubai Municipality Sustainability Guidelines further serve as a baseline standard towards our sustainability efforts in every project created since its release. Just as DAR Consult commits itself to assuring clients and communities create Eco-Friendly projects, this commitment starts in-house, as our promise to the environment starts with ourselves.



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