Al Kharbash Investment

Status: Completed, December, 2020 | Built Up Area: 530,000 ft²
Market Sector: Residential | Keywords: Apartment, BIM

Simplicity and cost efficiency in aesthetics has been a consistent trend of Dubai lately. As a result, it was only appropriate to apply these principles for the Al Kharbash Investment Building situated in Al Jaddaf area of Dubai. The project comprises of two mid-rise towers unified by an expansive landscape centralized between them, extending from the ground entry to the podium level. The goal was to provide an internationally modern aesthetic with a local feeling, as per the design requirements set by Dubai Municipality for buildings in Al Jaddaf area. Privacy is reinforced by using recessed windows and apertures rather than fully glazed façades. This natural use of repetitious lines is defined through the overall façade, that is segmented into perfect mirrored quarters throughout each of the residential buildings. The residential building finds its harmony with the Dubai landscape through its symmetry.