In the initiative to shift to commerce and tourism, hospitality has come to be one of the largest industry sectors in the Emirate of Dubai, as well as UAE overall. DAR understands the needs that arise with this kind of initiative, and the attention to detail it deserves for a better guest experience. The firm has a broad listing of projects that illustrate the range of capabilities needed by different clients for their hospitality projects. One can guarantee that such a project from DAR would maintain the most exquisite appearance regardless of being economically conservative, or luxurious in budget. These projects can range anywhere between 3-7 stars, with a capacity for hotels, hotel apartments, resorts, based on the clients’ requirements. DAR takes pride in the efficiency of our space planning, giving an efficient yet quality number of keys often surpassing the demand of the client. Our most recent hospitality projects underway are the Mandarin Oriental, Vida Hotel, and Radisson Red.