TAJ Hotel is a contending representative of international modernism and boundary-pushing engineering with its form. The design, though contrasting from the verticality of its Executive Towers Neighbors, asserts its iconic stature through its pure-surfaced, unique form. The two-level blocks that intersect to create an L-shaped ground print define the base of the building. They appear as glass blocks with horizontal spandrel ribbons arrayed in various widths up the blocks. One of the unique features of the massing is the jutting, cantilevered, cube from the upper levels of the tower. Though the cube’s cantilever was a rarer challenge for DAR’s engineering experts, it was nonetheless successfully fulfilled, in alignment with the firm’s commitment to a design’s integrity. The amenities of the hotel are vast and luxurious, with each restaurant, spa, and leisure room having a decadent experience of their own. These spaces are far more ornate than the façade suggests, acting as a pleasing contrast. Taj Hotel becomes an icon in its own right for the neighborhood, as its unique form gives on-lookers an exceptional break from the uniform consistency of the projects surrounding it.