M4 Hotel

Client: Undisclosed

Status: Proposal, September, 2013 | Built Up Area: 256,500 ft² | Keys: 200
Services Provided: Architectural Design
Market Sector: Hospitality | Keywords:

Providing an all-in-one experience is the primary basis of the M4 Hotel concept. Designed to be a direct link to the Mirdiff City Center mall via a Bridgeway, the Hotel spans three stories tall with a contemporary orthogonal façade that articulates a modern elegance. Sleek yet large grid frames are used to define specific areas of the hotel, A chamfered L-shaped plan design uses an inward shifting stagger towards the pool area that resides in the inner portion on the ground floor. This orientation is set up to direct all the views of the hotel residents towards this visually pleasing leisure space. The ground floor of the plan resumes the public level interactions that occur within the mall itself with a broad variety of retail space to be used for shops and restaurants. In addition to the rooms provided within the main hotel mass, 20 rowhouses that span two stories and oriented adjacent to the main hotel mass. M4 comes together to be both a luxurious touristic experience, as well as assist in asserting a mixed-use expertise for Mirdiff City Center.