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DAR’s Design Services spread across a broad range of specialties, with a determination to meet clients’ needs. From conceptual design with a robust regional recognition for space planning, to master planning future districts of a city, the possibilities that can be created for a client are endless. The real strength of DAR comes from the fulfillment of these design possibilities through our Design Development and Design Review strategies. These strategies combined with the creative capacities held as a Firm lead to some of the award-winning projects the region has come to know and love.

  • Design Review
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Master Planning
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Design
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • BIM Management


It is not so often that clients find themselves in a position where so many of the expertise they need to fulfill their projects can be found under one roof, but that is what allows DAR to stand out from a crowd. Engineering is an equal pillar to Design in this firm and maintains a range of compressive structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services. With the continually evolving state of the industry, one can be reassured in knowing DAR’s Engineering capacities continuously surpass themselves every time the industry develops new technology and standards.

  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Quantity Surveying

Throughout a project’s lifetime in DAR, exceptional care and consideration are taken to ensure its strength as a contribution to the collective environment. DAR’s Quantity Surveying solutions ensure this through the variety of services provided. Cost control & planning is DAR’s “bread & butter,” guaranteeing a client’s budgets are always kept intact, or even reduced from the original allocation. These combined with the pre and post contract quantity surveying services as well as the Bill of Quantities solutions, clients get a guarantee of the utmost quality assurance that is incomparable to any other service provider locally.

  • Cost Control & Planning
  • Pre / Post contract Quantity Surveying
  • BOQ


To bring any project to fruition and conclusion with confidence, DAR offers comprehensive Supervision Services. This set of solutions will also rest-assure our clients that their investments are met with care. The services are utilized in the form of Construction Management, Construction Supervision, as well as Defect Liability Supervision, with a dedicated team of engineers at the helm. Respect for delivery time is the ultimate strength of the Supervision Services at DAR, where deadlines are uncompromisingly met, and recognized for in award-winning projects. The stringencies for time as a precious commodity are used to undoubtedly reinforce the prestigious design & engineering services provided by DAR.

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Defects Liability Supervision Services