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Our Clients cherish working with DAR because they are carefully selected to maintain the critical image we have come to form as a company and in this community. When a client works with us, they know what they’re getting and trust us to deliver, and thusly we only take on clients with this same level of mutual understanding and respect. As a result, our client list carries many respectable companies and top titans of the industry with pride. The projects that are given to us are challenging, and that’s why they target us because we never shy away from a challenge to do things innovatively. We have an unparalleled rate of client return, in part because we inspire the same loyalty in our clients as in our staff. One feels the comforts of familiarity every time they work with DAR, even in the midst of creating something new and daring. Our most recent project clients include Emaar Properties and the Silicon Oasis Authority.

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