With any grand vision, great planning must follow. The foundation of the majestic UAE skylines is based on the grand visions of their leadership. Master Planning is a crucial component in developing any urban center, including Dubai and its fellow Emirates. DAR contributes to this sector comprehensively from a variety of angles. Whether it be designing overall master planning concepts, detailing conceptual ideas, or providing to its fruition through a supervision capacity, DAR’s capabilities are endless. With a long roster of master planning projects that add to the Dubai skyline, the consistent guarantees of a master planning project coming from DAR’s office considers the future development needs for a client. In addition to these considerations, the firm maintains versatility in the organization and overall aesthetic styles, ranging from classical to contemporary futurism, and can manage scales as small as commercial, residential communities up to micro-cities or district regions. The most recently anticipated Master Planning project is Silicon Park, set to open 2019.