Amman Tneib Project

Status: Proposal, June, 2018 | Built Up Area: 12,830,600 ft²

Amman Tneib Project is a master planning development concept designed for Amman, Jordan. Envisions an entire district for the city to be created, asserting work, live, play lifestyle throughout. As such, there are a variety of residential type, office type, and leisure type facilities available. Aside from this, an entire university facility will be provided. Landscaping is as much of a focus as the buildings themselves, with a variety of parks and public spaces formed. The buildings line the edges of the site parameters, allowing for these expansive parks and leisurely promenades to be established within the in-between spaces. A central park/attraction takes on a triangular formation and divides the zones of the development with iconic sculptures and water features. The project seeks to expand the horizons of Amman’s future as a regional player.