Dubai Knowledge Village is a free trade zone with the intent to host and promote a broad range of educational institutions and organizations. The form of the master plan is based off the soft arch that determines the basic plot, to which all of the education blocks border. At the center of this plan is a massive circular driveway plaza that creates a grand entry to the establishment and is centered with water and sculptural features. The design strategies of the masterplan are assertive in their efforts to develop educationally conducive spaces. A central promenade that acts as the central axis for the masterplan intersects a variety of courtyards that double as both socially encouraging spaces between the blocks as well as places of natural leisure for the students and faculty alike. The blocks are uniform in their design and interior layout, with exterior detailing inspired thoroughly from middle eastern heritage architecture. The faces have a variety of protrusions and recessions to not only provide more dynamic but to also feel warmer and more comfortable in scale to people. Whether they are educationally related companies providing consultancy to the universities or any training institutes, one will find everything about education in Dubai Knowledge Village.