The Essence of Dubai captures the essence of the city and its multicultural Inhabitant’s while reflecting on the true meaning of modern urbanization. It is 10 km in length and will be the longest human-made promenade. It will compose of a strip of commercial, retail, themed hospitality, themed recreation, and residential establishments all around the lakes. The project envisages Green as an approach, practice, and culture rather than plantation coverage. The community responds to the local climate and Horticulture with its quiet walkways. These walkways will lead to the courts of the community, all amalgamated with eco-reflexive waterway ferries, cable cars, and biofuel buses. Some of the additional features of the project consist of a museum and Amphitheatre, miniature conservation park. The structure’s beauty is determined by playing with lighting, using the basic geometric shapes as outlines. It uses tasteful, non-fussy bright color combinations, usually natural textures, and clean, elegant finishes. The structure would usually have industrial and space-age style utilities. Neat and straight components such as flat or nearly flat roofs, pleasing negative spaces, and large windows are present.