Business Boulevard

Status: Completed, January, 2008 | Built Up Area: 7,100,000 ft² | Floors: B+G+M+34

Business Boulevard is a mega tower development offering an all-encompassing community experience in the sky. The development creates a work, live, play environment all within the same confines and consists of five office towers and three residential towers. The office towers are unified and curve along a concave arc along the main road, while the residential towers reside behind it, attached by footbridges. The office towers connect all together via a continuous plaza that hosts a leisurely art gallery experience as well as food & beverage, retail, and other amenity options. In the outdoor plaza, it would host iconic sculptures such as those seen in Chicago and New York and become a real leisure place destination point. The aesthetic of the towers is divided by their functions, as the office towers are fully glazed façade experiences in a monolithic form. The residential towers are opaque in massing, with window apertures throughout. As a result, the functionality combined with these towers’ uniquely characterized profiles contribute to the diverse range of the Business Bay skyline.