Churchill Towers

Status: Completed, January, 2009 | Built Up Area: 2,400,000 ft² | Floors: 3B+G+3P+42/56 (2 Towers)

One of the earlier commissioned projects for the vibrant Business Bay area, the Churchill Towers boasts an impressive ratio of economic efficiency in design, construction, and leasable capacity. The Architectural Design comprises of a variety of modernist elements and diverges in two different directions to create two towers with alternating details for the various programs they serve. The towers carry a balanced relationship, one with a façade made of majority glass and one of majority opaque surfaces. They are almost inverted between one another regarding materiality. The floor and roof conditions between the two towers are some of the most noticeable differentiating characteristics and are intentionally done so to above all offer the most efficient organization of program spaces allocated to an office or a residential building. This project has proven to be one of DAR’s most economically efficient to date.