Harbour Boulevard

Client: Dubai Customs

Status: Proposal, May, 2015 | Built Up Area: 6,000,000 ft²

Harbour Boulevard is an exciting proposal serving an experience Dubai has never seen. The main intention of the project is to create a real central hub for all aquatic & waterfront activities, with a particular emphasis on water vessels such as yachts & boats. The Hub would, in its peak form, be the default location for the Dubai Boat Show, and use its vast amount of indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces to host the event. The project can dock up to 600 boats/yachts at any given time, including the largest yachts in the world, and contains a state-of-the-art service & maintenance workshop. Modular boardwalks that can be rearranged based on service or occasion will also be used. The project is referred to as boulevard because of the vast promenade boardwalk lined with retail that makes the scale much more substantial than most piers. Aesthetically, the project will consist of bright and playful contemporary colors, complimented with sleek, neutral tones wherever necessary. At the end of the boulevard towards the sea, a cylindrical hotel that will provide 360-degree views of the city and ocean will reside and will also act as a lighthouse for vessels on the sea. Seeking solutions for the future defines this project, and is a testament to the creative capacities possible at DAR.