Al Hamriya Fishing Harbor Development

Client: Dubai Customs

Status: Proposal, October, 2013 | Built Up Area: 2,000,000 ft² | Keys: 184

Dubai as a city determined to stay innovative and forward thinking while celebrating its history is the reason that the Al Hamriya Waterfront Development finds expression. As part of the Design Development exercise, the Schematic Design was developed with the assurance that the original intent of the master plan to reflect local flavor was maintained. The design for the Al Hamriya Waterfront Development embodies a traditional language regarding city patterns, consistent with the organic patterns of the historic Dubai port. These patterns naturally allowed for possibilities of solar shading and other sustainable, solar-passive devices. The project spans 3-storeys and emphasizes a dense urban environment while maintaining the feel and flavor of the local waterfront villages. Al Hamriya Waterfront is a development where the natural resource and the gulf is shared by both the local fishermen as well as visiting tourists and residents.