The Madina Mall is situated very accessibly off Beirut Street in Muhaisanah Fourth. The design is playful yet straightforward, reminiscent of city centers around Dubai. The main entrance leads to a large central atrium, which is flooded with natural light provided by the vast skylights above and from the glazed entrance façade. The design process is commercial and pragmatic in the use of materials and planning for its budget and is created in a multi-phase system. The first phase is the mall while the second phase is a residential complex directly behind the long façade of the mall. The residential complex is designed along a thin yet long plot and uses a vertically stepping form. The form spans from three floors above ground and gradually shifts to six levels above ground after two intervals. Cast-in-place concrete in a similar yellow tone to the neighbored mall is designed in a zigzagging formation that adds dynamic to the generally uniform façade. The mall is a community staple for its neighborhood with its regionally relatable aesthetics.