Cordoba Residence

Client: TECOM

Status: Completed, December, 2005 | Built Up Area: 717,400 ft² | Keys: 152
Market Sector: Master Planning, Villa | Keywords: Community, Compound, Development

Cordoba Residences is a commercial, residential community situated in Dubai Media city. The master planning of the project has a very organic pathway experience, with winding and meandering street ways. These streetways reinforce the retreat to nature from the surrounding active city by using lush greenery. The greenery ranges from bushes to large trees and creates comfortable filtered lighting for pedestrians. The villas are designed in a modern Mediterranean fashion and come in a series of 2-3-bedroom villas. The more unique features of the villas are their spaciously designed balconies, as well as their ample yard spaces. The development is designed with a shared access community swimming pool as well. The project is an optimally convenient development for the bustling business district it is situated in.