The Hyatt Place, previously Hyatt Port Views is a leisurely mixed-use development based in Madinat Dubai Al Melaheyah. The Clients vision was to have a modern style 4-Star Hotel for the area, providing residences, Hotel, and Hotel Apartments. The masses serve these different functions and show as three individual buildings situated atop a podium but have an interconnected dependence for utility services. The reliance was intentionally done to provide a more efficient distribution of energy, to preserve maintenance costs throughout the lifespan of the buildings. The aesthetics of the façade give individualism to the buildings. The approach is a contemporary, orthogonal style with extensive use of glass. Uniquely colored framing elements are used on each building to differentiate their function types and lead users to their independent entrances. The goals of DAR were to fulfill these client visions in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible through carefully thought out design planning.