Announced to be the first Smart City district of Dubai, Digital Park is one of DAR’s most powerful endeavors, a symbiosis of contemporary design, sustainability, and technology. The historical settling of humans by waterways inspires the conceptual form of the overall master plan. Two hill-like podiums are formed across the site, and between them, a metaphorical river of plaza public space flows throughout. The most exciting features of the project are embedded or invisible to the project, the smart technology. Digital Park is the marrying of the energy from Silicon Valley, with the physical phenomenon of valley canyons. The project’s conceptual design is backed by its technological benchmarks that can be found across the entire masterplan, from the exterior to the interior. From being informed through digital signage, Smart kiosks, robotic technology and weather censoring, to leisure activities with Smart benches, parks, ticketing, as well as Child ID & tagging. The technology extends further to the home experience with smart home automation, as well as overall sustainability with sensors covering every aspect of water, air quality, electrical analysis, waste sensing, and natural emergency sensors. All of these sensors come through to a centralized database that give a full digital visualization of the way the project breathes and its needs as an organism. Through this database visualization, the project can naturally improve in its consumptions, usages, as well as troubleshoot digital issues remotely without manual intervention. The entire development will consist of LEED certified buildings as well. As creative in concept the design is, the technology backs Digital Park to be the first defining Smart City of Dubai.