LuLu Regional Office

Status: Completed, March, 2017 | Built Up Area: 175,000 ft²
Market Sector: Office & Corporate | Keywords: Headquarters, Office

An aesthetically eventful design defines the EMKE Group Regional Office. The design of this office building plays with the form by taking simple corners of what would typically be an orthogonal form and pulling them upward and downward to create a dynamic visual expression for any passer-by. The large canopy in the front façade helps both shade the chief executive’s balcony as well as frames the entrance. The entrance continues the memorable experience for the users, with a multi-floor, atrium interior. Angled, slender columns visually support the exterior as they intersect the canopy and play off the angles defined horizontally on the building. Between the colors and form of the project, this office is sure to be one of DAR’s more amusing visual representations.