Reminiscent of the Downtown Emaar Square, DHE Business Park is a business development likened to a campus format. The development consists of four offices/commercial buildings, and a fifth, sleekly-designed parking building. The façade is modernist and straightforward, using a strict grid for articulating the windows of the buildings. The grid initially appears simple, but upon closer observation, the spacing of the horizontal lines expands gradually from ground to the roof, with the 6th floor having the broadest appearing level vertically. The façades are given added dimension with opaque, wood textured panels recessed on each side of the window opening. The parking area is a beautifully integrated feature with the rest of the park, using a bold defining color to express the transportation elements, and a sleek, semi-transparent panel system surrounding the entire mass. The project is one of the first in Dubai to comply with the new Al Sa’Fat building sustainability performance ratings.