Al Zarooni Tower

Status: Proposal, October, 2012 | Built Up Area: 254,600 ft²
Services Provided: Architectural Design
Market Sector: Hospitality | Keywords: Apartment, Downtown, Hotel, Restaurants, Showroom

Al Zarooni Tower is a playful take on contemporary modernism while still fitting the surrounding aesthetic of bustling Downtown Dubai. Contrasting the endless array of curtain walls surrounding it, Al Zarooni Tower’s façade takes an opaquer approach. This approach is shown through the defining frame, which uses a stone-like material and surrounds the residential tower’s mass. Perched on a podium defined by horizontal louvers, a haven space of amenities including pool and landscaped area service the residents and disconnect them from the hectic activity of the street. A bright array of colors is used for partition walls of the balconies within the frame. These notes of color break the monotony of continuous glazing and give a youthful character to the tower.