Making its debut in the U.A.E., the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, located in Jumeirah 3, is an exciting expression of contemporary and cultural design. The privacy of this luxurious leisure experience, which lies adjacent to neighboring hotels & villas, was of the utmost importance for this scheme. Therefore, DAR found it essential that all room views face towards inner façades of the u-formation, towards the sea, or towards the main Dubai skyline. The entry of the hotel is an immediate introduction to the variety of luxurious features of this project, having a triple-storey height space to greet users. This space is only exemplified as the users are met with direct views of the sea immediately after entering. The exterior façade uses stunning Italian Travertine Stone as the main material throughout, exemplifying the contemporary luxuriousness of the project. Another significant contribution to the façade design comes from eastern natural elements from the various wood textures and references to the interlocking solids and voids created by dense bamboo reeds. The care into the experience through design guarantees delivering the true Mandarin Oriental experience.