Radisson Red is a major feature of Dubai’s first Smart City, Digital Park. Designed in a similar aesthetic language to the rest of the park, it is situated towards one of the ends of the development, as a key visual feature as well as for ease of access. The first of its kind in the region, Radisson Red maintains a playful yet contemporary and chic interior aesthetic, likened to boutique hotels. It comprises of 3 buildings to form the Radisson Red: a Hotel, Hotel Apartments, as well as a Business Center. The orientation of the hotel is in such a way that the wider façade faces the interior of the development, allowing hotel guests to enjoy relaxing views of the broad and carefully designed plaza of Digital Park. A unique design feature for the business hub is its layered form, with the walls of glass recessed and encapsulated by an illuminated framework and metal mesh. Overall, the project seamlessly integrates as part of Digital Park, one of DAR’s most powerful endeavors, a symbiosis of contemporary design, sustainability, and technology.