La Palma Resort

Status: Proposal, October, 2006 | Built Up Area: 493,000 ft² | Keys: 258
Services Provided: Architectural Design
Market Sector: Hospitality | Keywords: 5 Star, Hotel, Leisure, Luxury, Resort, Waterfront

La Palma is a detailed and extravagant proposal design conceptualized for the Jumeirah Palm Islands, to add to the collection of unique resorts. The thematic approach is to create a contemporary Balinese village style resort, true and carefully determined details of Balinese architecture. The resort consists of chalets filled with suites and activities scattered across the plot organically and surrounds bodies of waters and lakes that meander through the facility. The main resort building spans four floors up and includes the reception, main dining hall, and hotel rooms. The Presidential suite, luxury suites, and several of the hotel’s restaurants and activity venues are located in the scattered chalets. The Health space is designed to be out over the sea water, to be reached by a promenade boardwalk that lines the center of the hotel outdoors. The resort design exemplifies the definition of retreat and would genuinely contribute to the world-class facilities Dubai is known for.