Al Safa Buildings

Client: Ithra Dubai

Status: Proposal, March, 2018 | Built Up Area: 301,400 ft²
Services Provided: Architectural Design, MEP Design
Market Sector: Residential | Keywords: Apartment, Real Estate

Safa 1 & 2, a pair of uniquely designed residential tower proposals, are an exercise in high-quality design efficiency under fiscal constraint. The two buildings had a goal of assuring quality internal planning, quality apartment views, and financial profitability. Each apartment type is generous in size versus average ratio standards, and the majority contain excellent views towards surroundings. In both building types, floating balconies are a significant feature for enforcing the user experience. For Safa 1, a curved form is used as a playful way to use the site layout allocated. The façade is then designed with long horizontal features. In Safa 2, the building massing takes the shape of two-level Ls, one reaching up to 8 floors, and the other reaching to 12, which activates the maximum height limits for the project, and provides the apartments stunning uninterrupted views of greenery. Though different in form, the Safa Buildings are unified in design principle and intention, harmoniously balanced.