NMC Specialty Hospital

Client: NMC Healthcare

Status: Completed, November, 2003 | Built Up Area: 164,300 ft² | Beds: 97
Market Sector: Healthcare | Keywords: Hospital

The NMC hospital is located in Al Nahda 2, a gateway neighborhood between Dubai and Sharjah. The hospital is designed explicitly as a specialty facility, with interior accommodations made to a wide range of medical specialists. The ground floor hosts the reception, pharmacy, and cafes for patient-related users. An Emergency response segment that is 24-hours accessible is also present in the project. The exterior design is extremely functional and pragmatic to cater to the strict regulations needed for the hospital. Using clear and pure symmetry, a block form is created with chamfered corners, and vertically emphasized windows. The windows are operable but limited in scale to regulate the amount of light that comes in depending on the type of medical ward it is situated to. The project acts as a strong unifier medically for those in need between the two emirates.