First Gulf Bank Headquarters

Client: First Gulf Bank

Status: Completed, January, 2005 | Built Up Area: 192,000 ft²
Market Sector: Office & Corporate | Keywords: Bank, Business, Headquarters

The First Gulf Bank Headquarters is designed both in a symbolic and metaphorical likeness to the company it serves. The corporate headquarter building symbolizes the bank’s future: Dynamic, Sophisticated and Extraordinary. The project form is unsuspectingly based on the FGB logo, evolved into a 3D abstract form. The ‘1’ in the logo is re-formed to create a curved feature wall wrapped around the building’s corner. The dynamic design of the façade is defined by some interlocking curved bodies horizontally, symbolic of continuous cash flow and growth. Aluminum fins follow horizontally along the shifting curved shapes and functions as a visual extension of these of the flowing façade. With its striking architectural forms and full-height, blue tinted glass window, the building vividly invokes the spirit of the corporate and the symbols favored by the client.