Technopark Headquarters

Client: Technopark

Status: Completed, October, 2010 | Built Up Area: 450,000 ft²
Market Sector: Office & Corporate | Keywords: Headquarters, Office, Workspace

The primary purpose of Technopark Headquarters is to provide foreign and local investors a modern infrastructure and facilities for opening manufacturing and industrial companies in Dubai. The design is created in such a way that green space is given vital importance, with 30% of the development dedicated to open space. The project is located in Dubai Industrial District and asserts very modernist design features. In the original design before construction, horizontality is emphasized through spandrel fins, as well as butterfly roof canopies. The planning of the buildings is based off an angled L shape, with the corner featuring a smooth semi-circle form. Though the project has seen quite a few evolutions since its original concept design, it is sure to serve as a significant hub in the district.