Matloob, Mardoof & Medcare Hospital

Status: Completed, March, 2011 | Built Up Area: 490,000 ft²
Market Sector: Healthcare, Office & Corporate | Keywords: Hospital, Office, Outlet, Showroom

Situated just off the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road just before Habtoor City, the mixed-use commercial center resides as a barrier between the city action and the residential neighborhood that sits just behind it. Programmatically, the project is a combination of offices, ground floor retail, and a hospital clinic. The form of the building was developed to break the uniform wall system often seen in other buildings nearby the site and takes on a zigzag shape in both horizontal and vertical directions. This form allows for much more natural lighting to enter the variety of spaces and maintains a highly modern external appearance. The backside remains entirely solid & closed to prevent interruptions either from the road or the buildings themselves to get to the residential neighborhood behind it. The project in its final result ends up being both a servicing facility for the neighborhood in its sound-buffering, as well as for the general community as a commerce and retail strip.