Union COOP Hypermarket

Client: Union COOP

Status: On Going, February, 2024 | Built Up Area: 280,000 ft²
Market Sector: Retail | Keywords: Mall, Outlet

One of the latest of DAR’s on-going projects, the Union COOP Hypermarket located in Dubai Silicon Oasis is an investigation of design cohesion and architectural branding. The project lies adjacently to a Mosque designed congruently with the hypermarket and shares a variety of design elements. The two differing functioned projects come together as one unified representation of Union COOP’s goals and values. In terms of the hypermarket, the planning is activated by the unique shape of the site, as a result two segments are formed. The retail segment orients towards the street, whilst the hypermarket follows after and is oriented parallel to the main site axis. This divide of masses leads to a void between the two zones, which then acts as the unifying and circulation space throughout the project. The façade language is subtle yet dynamic in order to allow for broad advertising flexibility. The mass is moved further back from the main roadside in order to reinforce a place-making zone, where surrounding residents can come and leisurely enjoy the retail options. Although the projects are physically independent, the hypermarket site provides direct access to the mosque, allowing ease of engagement from any roadside for patrons and worshippers.