Dubai Creek Harbour

Status: Proposal, January, 2016 | Built Up Area: 2,850,000 ft² | Floors: G+31/ 42
Services Provided: Architectural Design
Market Sector: Residential | Keywords: Downtown, Tower, Waterfront

An exciting series of proposals were created to add to the Dubai Creek Harbor development by Emaar Properties. Three plots were generated in Emaar’s image ranging from orthogonal to plot contour-curved towers. Each of the proposed tower designs exhibits the highest consideration for resident view experiences of the park, Burj Khalifa, and the Creek Harbour Tower. The lagoons plot on the south side of the island has some additional unique features for its location. This plot has a powerful engagement with the public realm by creating an experience of continuity from the park, through the centralized plaza level, and toward the boulevard facing the creek. The plaza becomes a community shared experience as it extends two levels downwards where a revolving water feature and green spaces reside. The park, building, and boulevard are unified by these aesthetically eventful cascading staircases, which on their own have a unique place-making quality to them.