Fardan Building

Status: Proposal, April, 2015 | Built Up Area: 97,000 ft²
Services Provided: Architectural Design
Market Sector: Residential | Keywords: Apartment, Downtown, Retail

The Fardan building is a design that intends to bring luxurious comfort as well as modernity to the Al Souq Al Kabeer Neighborhood. The residential tower matches its surroundings with maintaining a ground level retail concept while the upper floors provide studios, 1 & 2-bedroom apartments. The massing of the building follows the contours of the plot, an irregular diamond shape is formed, with an advantage of the corner windows providing a broad parameter view of the surrounding cityscape. The façade, majority glazed, was inspired by the honeycomb pattern, using their visual effect of adjacent frames, some filled and recessed. The façade takes an additional sustainability step in being designed with the intention of using high-performance glazing to prevent solar heat into the apartments while assuring the most amount of light can be accessed and reduce electricity use. The glass takes on a third supportive feature of being acoustic proof, preventing roadway activity noise to penetrate the apartments. Altogether the project asserts a welcomed contemporary form into its surrounding neighborhood.