Emirates Institute for Banking & Financial Studies

Status: Completed, October, 2012 | Built Up Area: 219,200 ft²
Market Sector: Education | Keywords: Headquarters, Research, University

The Emirates Institute of Banking & Financial Studies (EIBFS) offers world-class education programs, training sessions, and allied services in banking and finance. As such, it was imperative for DAR to design the Dubai campus in a way that illustrates the intentions and integrity of such an academic institution. The form is visually symmetrical, with opaque façades diagonally coming from an entirely transparent central mass that spans widely as a visually welcoming gesture to students and faculty. The central mass constitutes a grand entry into an even more magnificent atrium space. In turn, the curved façade continues and transforms into an illuminating skylight. The facilities of the school are sufficient and standard to its scale, with a crowning jewel theatre hall serving a 1000-person capacity. The opaque façades use the financial reference of a barcode as a metaphorical visual and create apertures to the functions within. EIBFS’s campus comes together to be an exceptionally fresh design that spatially illustrates the values of its philosophy.