Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

Status: Completed, July, 2010 | Built Up Area: 190,400 ft²
Market Sector: Education | Keywords: University

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University is an off-campus university building with a unique project background. Initially designed as an office building, the university was converted to its current function after the building was constructed. The project boasts L shaped wings from the roof, which turn and come down to the ground and define the entrances. Though unsuspecting from the outside, the interior boasts an oval shaped atrium with a broad skylight. The interior form allows significant natural light to enter the class spaces. Since the building is rectilinear, the landscaping surrounding it is designed in a curvy format. This curvy format breaks the consistency of the straight lines and forms outdoor, open spaces for students & staff leisure. The building was raised on a platform to give a more monumental impression amongst the surroundings.