General Electric Headquarters

Client: TECOM

Status: Completed, January, 2006 | Built Up Area: 157,000 ft²
Market Sector: Office & Corporate | Keywords: Business, Headquarters, Office

The General Electric Headquarters is situated in Dubai Media City and is a carefully inspired and thought out design for the building. The headquarters is a four-story spanning structure. The concept was to create two masses perpendicular to each other and are connected by a cylindrical mass that acts as both a unifier and a visual axis pivot. The cylindrical corner is also the invitational main entrance to the project and is a visual reference port as it sits on the corner of a major intersection for the neighborhood. The design is inspired by the post-modernist movement and is illustrated in the project through the infusions of modern elements such as metal and glass elements meeting classically monolithic, broad stone panels that appear as though they are the main masses. The modern features such as the metal canopies that line the main entrance, roof level, as well as first level side windows assist in merging these styles. The project is within the vicinity of a variety of headquarter buildings designed by DAR.