The Middle Eastern Headquarters of Johnson & Johnson, the world known supplier of baby products and care, is situated in Healthcare City and was designed in the likeness of its surrounding neighbors. The project is primarily an office building; however, it was important that the building language suited the neighborhood. The surrounding buildings are designed in a contemporary Mediterranean way, so as a result this project needed to maintain that same aesthetic. This aesthetic is illustrated through the various pergolas, arch details, and ornamental detailing. The project is further reinforced into the community through its color palette, which includes all warm tones ranging from saturated to de-saturated yellow tints as well as orange. The brown shades in the pergolas and roofing assist this warm color palette. Outdoor areas are formed for staff refreshment and provide some vertical greenery. The project overall is a culmination of both fulfilling the needs of the client, as well as fulfill the master planning needs of the surrounding community in a visually exterior way.