Kharbash Tower

Status: Completed, May, 2004 | Built Up Area: 600,000 ft² | Floors: B+G+36
Market Sector: Residential | Keywords: Apartment, Iconic, Tower

The Kharbash Tower is a mixed-use building situated along Sheikh Zayed Road. The project consists of residential as well as office units, with the standard commercial outlets on the ground level. The project is conventional in its program composition, with the tower directly along the SZR axis, and a parking building to serve the tower directly behind. The aesthetic is quite similar to early Sheikh Zayed Road-side towers, using warm tones for the opaque surfaces, and turquoise glass. The planning of the project can be quite well seen through the differences in the façade as the tower ascends from the ground. With a minimum of 2-bedroom apartments, the project progresses up to penthouses, as can be seen by their luxuriously spacious balconies in comparison to the lower floors. There is a distinct symmetry that is exemplified by the crown of the tower, whose interior shelters the mechanical services of the building. The project contributes to the ever-acclaimed and evolving Sheikh Zayed Road skyline.