Khor Ajman Hotel

Status: Proposal, May, 2004 | Built Up Area: 210,000 ft²
Services Provided: Architectural Design

Khor Ajman Hotel is a comfortable hotel resort situated along the Creekside in the Emirate of Ajman. Intentionally with the location, the name Khor directly means creek in Arabic. The hotel ascends from the ground up five levels and has a simple L-shaped plan formation. From the ground level, all of the hotel guest amenities are met, including the all-day dining, gym and health club, and spa. This is followed by the leisure pool and lush landscaping, which is situated on the inner side of the L-shape and toward the creek. The overall exterior aesthetic of the project is based on the traditional Emirati architecture style, in a kind of post-modernist fashion. Details reminiscent of the style include the wooden pergolas situated on balconies, as well as visually representative wind towers. This is further reinforced by the overall material coloration reminiscent of sandstone. The concept design is a stimulating tourism and luxury leisure support for activity in Ajman.