Lulu Hypermarket – Doha

Status: Completed, February, 2001 | Built Up Area: 200,000 ft²
Market Sector: Retail | Keywords: Mall, Outlet, Showroom

The Doha branch of Lulu Hypermarket is one of the earliest projects initiated upon DAR’s conception. The project isn’t as much a stand-alone supermarket as it is a full-on retail complex, comprising of both a hypermarket as well as entirely dedicated retail spaces. The project has an attention drawing façade consisting of three broad symmetrical arches with one main entrance centered and shaded by a massive metal cladded canopy. This entrance leads users into the vast atrium in the middle of the shopping center. In this atrium, users experience the natural lighting effects of the broad corner skylights that is on the main front façade. The project spans two levels with the hypermarket on the ground and retail surrounding on the sides and the first floor. The interior design consists entirely of warm toned finishes to provide a cozier atmosphere for shoppers. This project is the second of three major LuLu hypermarket facilities that DAR has designed.