Pfizer Building

Client: Atlas Group

Status: Completed, October, 2007 | Built Up Area: 140,000 ft²
Market Sector: Office & Corporate | Keywords: Business, Office

The Pfizer building is situated in Dubai Media City, a hub for technology, media, and corporate companies. The building serves as the regional headquarters for one of the largest pharmaceutical brands in the world and is generally made of cool toned glazing with aluminum cladding. The façade composition is loosely based off Mondrian, whose paintings used orthogonal grids to create a composition, accompanied by carefully determined primary color fills. As such, the façade uses a variety of grid patterns in a series of recessed layers. The lobby is a minimalist yet dramatic triple height volume space, giving the impression of grandeur without ornamentation. This project contributes to the general aesthetic of Dubai Internet city with its importance as well as color palette and formation.