Tijarah Town

Status: Proposal, December, 2009 | Built Up Area: 4,800,000 ft²
Market Sector: Residential | Keywords: Apartment, Community, Development

Tijara Town is a residential community complex defining a new location in the midst of Dubai. The project consists of two U-shaped buildings whos edges define the plot limits. The residential portions are raised on the sides and create a walled frame around the project. A staggered vertical elevation is used to maximize terrace space experiences for the residents. The cores in a less usual planning feat all reside in the corners of the building, which are distinctly indicated as glazed boxes on the façades. Within the boundary created by the residential sections, the podium keeps the resident utilities. These utilities include a swimming pool, gym area, comfortable landscaped spaces. On the ground level, retail lines the entirety of the building prints. A warm color palette is used for the elevations to blend with the surrounding environment seamlessly.