The Views is a residential masterplan development initially started as a competition won by DAR. Though designed as a three-tower development, only two towers were constructed as needed by the client at the time. The buildings use a stepping level massing as a response to the surrounding environment. The stagger allows for an exceptionally vast amount of terrace and balcony space to be created for residents. As a result, they can overlook the lush golf course adjacent to the plot, as well as the constructed waterbody that passes between buildings. A modernized Moroccan style is adapted to a high-rise development style for the façades. It is articulated through the materiality and colors, using timber as well as earthy tones to define the elevation. Pergolas can be seen all across the development on the public level as well as on the terraces. Though created as a community, each tower is provided with their own set of leisure facilities such as a gym, pool, podium landscaping. The Views as a development set a benchmark for the new district it is settled in with its design and efficiency.