The Maze Tower, also known as the Rostamani Tower, is situated on the main thoroughfare of Sheik Zayed Road in the heart of Dubai. The office and residential building truly make itself known amongst the line of surrounding skyscrapers through its façade design. Conceptually designed by Planquadrat, it contains leisure areas with pool, garden and fitness area, three lobby levels, offices, apartments. The mesmerizing façade, which hosts a labyrinth designed by the famous maze maker Adrian Fisher, uses projecting walls and ceiling discs, meandering upwards along the main and rear façades, serve as an image-forming flagship to protect from the sun, wind and street noise. They are the dividing walls of a vertical labyrinth, whose starting point forms the main entrance and target point the upper “eye.” The project was brought to life by DAR through the schematic, detail design, engineering, and supervision phases.