Um Suqeim Villas

Status: Completed, June, 2020 | Built Up Area: 263,300 ft²
Market Sector: Villa | Keywords: Community, Compound

This project was an exciting challenge and expression of minimalism for form and material. Planning-wise, once all the spatial requirements were met, it became apparent that a rhythmic repetition of the villa would take place. The desire for efficiency led us to pair the series of units with one another to form pairs of duplex villas. In turn, this gave an overall stronger & grander visual dynamic for the exterior. The duplex style supports one of the primary goals of cost efficiency. Privacy between villas is maintained by keeping side façades majority opaque, with well-studied openings for the front & rear elevations. The design of the villa front and the backyard is left to the tenants desire to for transformation into either an expansive garden, terraces or private pool installation if so desired. Within the general masterplan, the commercial villas are provided with a recreational center containing a variety of sporting & leisure amenities to service the community. With its installation, the community adds a contemporary visual aesthetic to its more modest and classical surrounding neighbors.