Al Layth Bin Saad Mosque

Client: Ithra Dubai

Status: Completed, February, 2023 | Built Up Area: 10,000 ft²
Market Sector: Religious | Keywords: Community, Culture, Development, Mosque, Research

Situated in the contemporary Deira Redevelopment project, Al Layth Bin Saad Mosque is undergoing a design refurbishment by DAR, in order to bring it into a unified relationship with the evolved area. The Mosque in its original state, had many classical and ornate features adorning it. In the refurbishment, DAR gently strips away the excess to reveal the core, minimalist beauty that lies beneath the original condition. The exterior is livened and brightened up with light tones, contemporary-minimal lighting ornamentation, allowing worshippers to focus towards the worship spaces. The interior is completely re-considered, shifting from the bold ornamentation and red/yellow hues, and transforming into a soft, tranquil atmosphere. This atmosphere is illustrated through the delicate, neutral materials, and a deep blue prayer carpet. The chandelier is a refined bold jewel of the space, a contemporary take on the traditional designs often found, and is emphasized through the minimalist nature of the space.