Khalil Salem Mosque and Garden

Status: Completed, May, 2011 | Built Up Area: 347,674 ft²
Market Sector: Religious | Keywords: Bazar, Community, Culture, Garden, Iconic, Landmark, Mosque, Park

The Khalil Al Salem Mosque & Garden’s main idea is to create a beautiful, holy community center point for the area, with the visual symbol of the 8 points Islamic star. The Star can be found in all aspects and elements of the project being in the marble pattern, the hand-woven carpets, the hand-crafted lights, the ornamental ceilings, and the shaped steel patterns. The major praying hall is designed based on a column-free structure providing an uninterrupted flow of spiritual experience. The Project’s atmosphere and internal finishing exude elegance and simplicity by complementing the richness of materials that express the vision without distracting the soul. One unique characteristic is the successful marrying between the deep-rooted traditional handicraft of the Levant region and the latest technologies of sustainability. The ornate stained glass that serves the apertures of the mosque is custom crafted from Turkey. The natural, white limestone cut and engraved manually by regional craftsmen using multi-generation old techniques. It covers the façades and dominates the architectural language of the project in harmony with the surrounding buildings and natural environment. Far from being a solidarity place for worship, the mosque will serve as a community center where all the community members will come together in harmony, reflecting the true spirit of a civilized community.

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