Net Community

Status: Completed, June, 2001 | Built Up Area: 323,000 ft²
Market Sector: Residential | Keywords: Apartment, Compound, Identity, Retail

Net Community is one of the earliest residential buildings to be created in Oud Metha and is one of the earliest of a series of projects to be produced by DAR in that area. The building is designed as a U-shaped block spanning four floors up, with a staggered massing that cascades down to meet a cylindrical corner mass. The building appears quite monolithic from the exterior, but the private interior courtyard is a jewel feature, offering a lushly landscaped space with a leisure pool that feels private and protected from the outside. The facilities provided also included retail all along the ground floor, as well as a gym within the cylindrical mass’s first level. This space gets exceptionally cared for treatment as it floods natural light in through the domed glass skylight over it. This courtyard combined with the exceptionally spacious and well-planned nature of the actual apartments makes this project a residential gem of Oud Metha.

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